Giving back to the community is of TactiX Strategic Consulting’s primary concerns as any nation’s growth and stability intrinsically depends on their wellbeing. Through volunteerism and charitable initiatives, we maintain a reputation as an active member in the communities in which we do business.

Our Latest Projects

BDC logo

Directly funded by USAID, the Business Development Center (BDC) has the main objective of providing up-to-date learning techniques and methodologies to recent graduates. BDC further seeks to help them identify Jordan’s economic needs and properly address them—such sectors include but are not limited to marketing, public relations and media relations.

TactiX Strategic Consulting was appointed by BDC to create comprehensive training courses which involve developing syllabi, training students as well as reviewing curriculum with them following the completion of each course.

The courses had a positive impact. Success was measured according to the number of students attending and their subsequent employment at leading companies around Jordan.

Injaz Logo

Deeply touched by INJAZ’s dedication to students and their academic success, TactiX Strategic Consulting is committed to offering public relations and communication services. We believe that by supporting INJAZ, we fulfill our obligation towards youth and ultimately improve their career opportunities.

Nour Al Barakeh Logo

Nour Al Barakah is a non-governmental organization that has deeply inspired the TactiX team through its mission of helping young adults with intellectual disabilities lead more fulfilling lives. For four months out of the year, Nour Al Barakah organizes a flea market to sell organic products such as honey, jam, olive oil and herbal teas. All proceeds are directed towards meeting the needs of disabled youth affiliated with the NGO.

TactiX sent invitations to selected individuals welcoming them to partake in charitable activities as well as enjoy evenings of fun with disabled youth. TactiX also offered free advertising and promotion via Facebook and Twitter.

Client's Logos

Ramadan is a month of spiritual contemplation, spending quality time with the family and of course giving attention to the less fortunate. In addition to strengthening family bonds and awakening us to a sense of our duty to society, Ramadan is a month of increasing one’s good actions.

Every year, we work devotedly with Tkiyet Um Ali—Jordan’s largest relief organization—to ensure the less fortunate has food available to break their fast on. The initiative has proven to be greatly rewarding and continues to show success on all levels.

Pink October & Movember Campaign

TactiX Strategic Consulting recognizes the importance of awareness campaigns as they help educate the local community on important issues. With this in mind, TactiX launched two campaigns in line with Pink October and Movember to underline the causes and treatments of both types of cancer. Employees wore ribbons in solidarity with cancer patients, while our social media department posted information on symptoms and treatments via online networking platforms. We also arranged gift packages for clients and partners to maximize the impact of both awareness campaigns.

TactiX - The Global Compact

Every year we proudly reiterate our support for the Global Compact’s ten principles as they aim to preserve human rights as well as uphold labor, environmental and anti-corruption policies. TactiX Strategic Consulting composes an annual report explaining the measures it took to support the initiative’s ten principles over the past year.