As a Jordanian-born communications agency established in 2003, TactiX Strategic Consulting enjoys a reputation amongst its many clients for generating extraordinary results day-in and day-out. TactiX Strategic Consulting prides itself in offering elite communication strategies and insightful consultation in order to effectively promote clients’ products and services among target audiences.

In identifying the latest global trends in the sector and introducing leading communication strategies, we continue to bring unique energy and insights to companies. Our many years of experience in utilizing the best practices continue to help us deliver our promises on time, every time.

Guaranteed Client Satisfaction

  • “TactiX is definitely one of our most valued partners and is always passionate about the work delivered as well as the professional advice and insight given. We look forward to many more years of success and achievement together.”

    • Ghassan Nuqul
    • Vice Chairman - Nuqul Group
  • “TactiX has become such a natural extension to Nuqul Group as mobile phones have become teenagers’ new hands. TactiX employees continue to give a new meaning to the word ‘partner’ and we truly appreciate them as ours.”

    • Salim Karadsheh
    • Corporate Affairs Director - Nuqul Group
  • “On its 10th anniversary, INJAZ congratulates TactiX for 10 years of remarkable success and sincerely wish the company many more years of prosperity. Over the past two years, INJAZ has been fortunate to enjoy the professional services of TactiX and we hope that together we can further build on the valuable work TactiX consistently deliver.”

    • Dima Bibi
    • Chief Executive Officer - INJAZ
  • “TactiX Team is, without a doubt, one of the most responsive and skilled teams with whom I have worked. In the PR field, usually we are in need of a quick solution and experts input, TactiX Team satisfied these needs in a smooth way by their services and advices, of course am talking about media, social media and all other PR tools”.

    • Mustafa Al-Kaylani
    • Public Relations and Media Coordinator - INJAZ
  • “We are working with TactiX for almost two years now, and over the past two years, TactiX has consistently secured an excellent media coverage for us and has implemented a proactive plan to identifying new PR opportunities for our business.``

    • Ihab Hinnawi
    • CEO - Umniah
  • “Our business relationship with TactiX commenced in February 2011. During this period, TactiX’s creativity and ability to adapt with the continuously changing trends in the PR market enabled us to expand our base in the tourism market; which, in turn, generated better business during this critical period. And I would like to express my deep gratitude for all the hard work offered by TactiX during the past few years and wish them all the success and progress in the future.”

    • Raed Rabie
    • Corporate Affairs Director - Evason Ma’In Hot Springs and Six Senses Spa
  • “TactiX has been working with Nuqul Group for almost ten years, during which I have witnessed firsthand the passion, dedication and professionalism that TactiX members exhibit while conducting their business; delivering once and again value-adding first;class results. Tactix is indeed a true partner!”

    • Rula Salah
    • Corporate Affairs Director - Nuqul Group
  • “TactiX – and here I mean the people operating the business – were and will always be a real support for our business. For FINE, TactiX was the third hand one which we depended on to drive the PR vehicle. In 2013, we were busy launching our new Fine Baby diapers brand in all the markets and felt the importance to have Tactix with us in each and every step we took.”

    • Waseem Nuqul
    • Marketing Manager - FINE Hygienic Paper, Levant FINE
  • “Through working with Tactix on the MENA ICT Forum 2010 and 2013, you meet not only great people, but also a team focusing on achievement, partnership, and making it happen by all means.”

    • Abed Shamlawi
    • Chief Executive Officer - Intaj
  • بمناسبة مرور 10 سنوات على تأسيس شركة تاكتكس، يسعدني أن أغتنم هذه الفرصة لتهنئة إدارة تاكتكس كما أنني أثني على جهود فريق عمل تاكتكس المتميز بقدرته على بناء علاقات مهنية طيبة مع الوسط الإعلامي، مع أمنياتي لكم بمزيد من التقدم والازدهار وإلى الأمام دائما بما فيه الخير لمصلحة العمل ومصلحة مجتمعنا

    • إسلام الشوملي
    • مديرة التحرير- مجلة ليالينا
  • تعتبر صفات ``المهنية`` و``اللياقة في التعامل`` و``التواصل الدائم`` مع الصحافة وتقدير العمل الصحفي الذي يسعى للبحث عن الحقيقة من أبرز الصفات التي يجب أن تتميز بها شركات العلاقات العامة والعاملين فيها، فهذه الصفات تعتبر جسرا دائما يصل الشركة بالصحفي ويطور العلاقة نحو تحقيق أهداف الطرفين. من خبرة استمرت نحو 9 سنوات من العمل المشترك والتواصل مع شركة تاكتكس وجدت ولمست فيها هذه الصفات مقدرا جهود القائمين عليها وموظفيها ومتمنيا لها دوام التوفيق والنجاح

    • إبراهيم مبيضين
    • صحفي قطاع الاتصالات - جريدة الغد
  • طوال عشر سنوات هي عمر شركة تاكتكس أسعدني كثيرا العمل والتواصل مع كادرها المهني المتميز الذي يتصف بالمهنية والقدرة على خلق التوزان بين مصالح العملاء والصحفيين، وتوفير المعلومة للصحفي في الوقت المناسب وأتمنى أن تواصل الشركة نهجها هذا الذي ميزها طوال فترة تواجدها في قطاع العلاقات العامة

    • عوني الشريف
    • رئيس تحرير القسم الاقتصادي - جريدة الدستور
  • “Tactix consulting team provides excellent suggestions, media recommendations, and insight for strategy. During our work with them they provided timely follow-up on questions/issues, reacted quickly when needed. We appreciate all the work they did for us thorough MENA ICT Forum 2016.``

    • Nidal Bitar
    • CEO of Int@j
  • “TactiX Strategic Consulting has been really excellent in helping Nutridar Company to structure solid social media channels that hold a strategic direction and sustainable messages. With the support of such a reliable agency, we were able to shape our social media communication in a more planned and organized manner, and accordingly, we could reach more audience and our voice could carry more efficient messages aligned with our objectives. We do really express our thanks to TactiX, and we look forward to keep our successful partnership.”

    • Sandra Hilou
    • Corporate Marketing Manager @ Nutridar
  • “We really thank TactiX Strategic Consulting social media efforts as RHAS channels witnessed a growth and engagement with a very smart way of strategic spending, directions given and creativity”

    • Amer Al-Mashini
    • Director of Communications at Royal Health Awareness Society
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Principles, Values, Purpose

  • We are customer-focused. TactiX Strategic Consulting seeks to meet the exact needs of our clients as well as help them achieve their business objectives.
  • Time is of the essence. We employ a team which ensures client deadlines are promptly met.
  • We are an active member in the community. TactiX Strategic Consulting does its utmost to ensure the sustainable development of its surrounding community through its Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
  • TactiX Strategic Consulting is committed to all legal obligations. We honor all client commitments that are in harmony with the governing laws and regulations.
  • Dedicated employees. Smooth coordination between all departments is crucial in achieving the best results for our clients… we make sure it happens.

Innovation – Pursuing ideas that have the potential of advancing our understanding of public relations and communications.
Respect – Maintaining the respect of employees, clients and partners and ensuring that no one infringes on the rights of another.
Integrity – Maintaining strong moral principles and never compromising the truth.
Community – Generously giving back to society through Corporate Social Responsibility programs.
Quality – Ensuring product and service excellence to guarantee high levels of customer satisfaction.
Performance-Driven – We seek to inspire our employees and strengthen their personal and professional skills.

TactiX Strategic Consulting strives to provide superior business solutions to clients with a local, regional and international presence. In pursuing purpose beyond profit, we seek to bolster our clients’ reputation and direct them to opportunities that will ensure their long-term growth and success.