There are four risk-based functions needed to properly plan for any company crisis: prevention/mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. Each aspect plays a vital role and requires meticulous care to assure minimal damage to your reputation.

When a crisis hits, TactiX Strategic Consulting helps you put the right spin on the situation by customizing crisis management plans that are applied immediately. This is primarily achieved through the smooth coordination between all concerned parties—namely the media, the client involved and stakeholders. We offer the kind of support that makes a difference by working hand-in-glove with your team and the press to guard your good name.

In a nutshell, TactiX Strategic Consulting has what it takes to offer its clients advanced services and unparalleled responsiveness during their moment of truth.

By understanding our clients’ business culture, we help them recognize their vulnerability and plan out a crisis management system accordingly. In the event of a crisis, TactiX works to contain the situation and maintain its clients’ good name to thus guarantee minimal corporate damage.