Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about businesses giving back to their surrounding communities through the implementation of highly beneficial social initiatives. A well-developed CSR plan pledges an array of competitive advantages, including a stronger brand image, higher consumer confidence levels as well as improved productivity. Consequently, corporate growth is achieved through addressing areas of social and environmental concern and subsequently launching programs that reap long-term benefits.

TactiX Strategic Consulting has the prime objective of highlighting corporations’ good will by generating positive rapport with the communities in which they do business. We proudly help our clients develop highly engaging community-based programs and ensure their long-term social impact.

By encouraging and assisting our clients to support communities through giving, we confidently help them fulfil their social commitments.


Khair Alkoura project

After carefully assessing the needs of local communities, Nuqul Group chose to invest its efforts in Al Koura—Jordan’s northernmost province. Working with a number of NGOs, and TactiX Strategic Consulting as its appointed PR agency, Nuqul Group successfully launched the Khair Al Koura initiative to cater to the needs of residents in regards to socioeconomic development, education, culture and arts, food and legal issues. The TactiX team offered dedicated social media coverage to Khair Al Koura and arranged media visits for journalists to learn more about its success.