Written by: Nasif Khoury / Founder- Partner 

What can we learn from the infamous coyote that is always trying to capture the speedy road runner, it seems the more we watch the more our hearts bleed for the ill attempts of getting the smart bird.

Call it childish mindset or plain wild imagination, I can really visualize and capture some great management lessons that will help us in the real world of business and of course communication, capturing the bird, is really the attempt of capturing the customer, here are my thoughts

  • Having a strategy: it blows my mind, when I see the coyote and his very creative tricks for capturing the road runner, his tricks include using technology, and deception, brick walls, and even sometimes explosives are creative. But the fact of the matter is, it lacks strategy and planning. The failed attempts pile up for one simple reason that the coyote is not able to have a plan or a process for a successful capture.
  • When a plan fails don’t give up easily. The coyote never and I mean never evaluates a failed attempt. He needs to sit down assess the situation and figure out what went wrong and then test it again. Giving up after the first attempt is just wrong.
  • Recognize your faults; let’s get this out, the road runner is faster than the coyote and he will never outrun him, so realize your challenges and work around them. My recommendation has always been to recognize your strength points and focus on making them stronger. Realizing the weaknesses and attempting to make them better is secondary to your objective here. You want to capture the bird and you want to do it now.
  • Using technology is not a bad thing, but use your brain. ACME the famous manufacturer of everything has some great and customized gadgets, but it seems that the coyote orders the wrong apparatus, and not ever think of using his brain to make it an even greater invention. The same goes for our management style, we can use the latest technology in ensuing a productive and efficient team . But fact of the matter is that technology will never understand why we have some hindrance in the well-oiled machine called work. A good manager needs to sit with the team and figure out what can be done and on a team level to make work space more productive and efficient. You will be surprised. Simple green plants in the corner made a difference once.
  • Know to when to call it quits, there I said it. Sometimes the coyote gets other opportunities and bigger prize. But he is so focused on the road runner that he totally forgets that there are plenty of others prey out there. When all of our focus is a certain project or customer, we lose sight of other opportunities that are easier in gaining , a customer that is so hard to please and we try and try to make him smile. And all of our efforts and resources are drained , this can become a deadly sin for business development and customer satisfactions. Remember, customer is not always right, it is only when you are sure that you exhorted all efforts in pleasing him and to the best of your abilities and within the managed expectations guidelines. Only then you can let him go and fish for a bigger partner