Written by: Mahdi Jilani / Copy Writing Department

We all have those days when we find ourselves entangled in our tasks, leading to what appears to be a vicious and never-ending cycle of pain. Additionally, if one fails to maintain healthy lifestyle practices and does not properly manage their workspace, it can dramatically hinder daily performance and make simple tasks seem overwhelming.

Before starting your day, bear in mind a few simple steps to help you reduce the time and effort spent on assignments.

Preparation is Key: Do you find yourself easily forgetting important tasks or losing track of time when time is all you have? Of course you do, we all do. The best way to avoid this dilemma is by planning out your day before it starts; make a list of your priorities and stick to it!

Live in the Moment:  We all daydream unintentionally; it could happen whilst discussing assignments with coworkers or jotting down notes during a company meeting. Live in the moment and show whoever it may be that they have your undivided attention – it goes a long way and makes people feel appreciated.

Build Stronger Relationships: Whether it is with a client, a coworker or a partner, seek to build stronger relationships. Studies show that people who have a friend at work are seven times more creative.

Maintain a Work-Life Balance: Avoid becoming a workaholic; live modestly and happily. As we juggle countless responsibilities, it is important for us to find a balance in life and not overlook the importance of family and personal hobbies.

Keep Your Work Area Clean and Organized: If you’ve let your clutter get out of hand, it’s time to tidy up. Not only does a clean desk help you easily manage your current assignments, but it also makes you feel good about yourself.

Stay Fit, Stay Happy: Routine exercise goes hand-in-hand with ensuring your productivity at the office. A rigorous exercise at the gym is known to release endorphins (also known as happy hormones) over time thus, reducing stress and making you more cheerful.

Get Some Fresh Air: This is one of the most essential steps to improving your workday. Experts have proven that time spent outdoors can instantaneously lower stress levels and stimulate creativity. Step outside for five minutes to clear your mind.

Say Thank You: Every so often, show your coworkers that their time and efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by surprising them with a thank you note.

Keep a Journal: It may sound outlandish to some, but putting your negative thoughts on paper is sometimes the best way to put them behind you once and for all.

Get Your Eight Hours: Getting by on only five hours of sleep a night doesn’t testify to your endurance. Make sleep a priority, your daily productivity and long-term health depend on it.

Leave Work at the Office: Last but not least, leave your troubles at the office. Don’t dampen your spirits by taking your worries home with you—after work is your time, make the most of it!

To put things in perspective, the average person spends a minimum of 8 to 9 hours at the office each day, which are usually the best hours of the day; make the most of them with a few simple changes and reclaim your life!